About Us

For years, we tried to find a hair conditioner with the right consistency and thickness, but couldn’t find one. That was when we decided to make it ourselves! After numerous trails and errors, THICK Leave-in hair conditioner was launched on October 16, 2020. 

Our leave-in conditioner with thick consistency is great for all hair types and was made alongside a chemist and a quality assurance team. It consists of Shea Butter that has been ethically sourced from Ghana. Our mission is to provide moisture while also strengthening your hair, keeping it healthy and smelling great! 

We’re a female-owned company and we’re here to help with your hair strands and beards with the best thick leave-in conditioner. We launched this company with a need to start a global community that feels connected and empowered! Not only with your hair, but also through honest discussions surrounding wellness. 

Glad you're here!