How Often Should You Really Shampoo?

When it comes to the question of how often you should shampoo your hair, there is conflicting advice. Some people say that daily washing is a must, while others claim that frequent washing damages the hair. With so many opinions it can be challenging to find the right answer.

In this blog, we will explore the various conflicting opinions on the question. You will have to consider your hair type, lifestyle, and the health of your scalp when following through with any suggestions. 

So let's uncover the truth behind the question: How often should you really shampoo your hair?

Why Should You Wash Your Hair?

In our everyday life, our hair encounters various challenges. Our hair comes in contact with dirt and oil, which weighs down our strands and makes them look dull.

To keep up with the glorious feeling of clean and fresh-smelling hair, hair washing is important. Moreover, our overall presence is heightened by the way we groom our hair. Hence, it becomes more so ever important to pay attention to the maintenance of hair.

man washing hair

How often and frequently you shampoo your hair also determines the hygiene of a person. Washing our hair with shampoo removes any excess dirt, oil and smell that our hair naturally produces. Therefore, it is vital to wash your hair in a timely manner.

What Is The Impact Of Frequent Washing?

Although washing your hair is very important to maintain your hygiene. How often you shampoo your hair determines if your method is suitable. Finding the right shampoo, and using the right quantity is necessary to maintain a healthy hair care routine.

Again, if you frequently shampoo your hair, that can strip away the natural oils of your hair, leading to dryness and potential hair damage. On the other hand, not washing enough builds up an itchy, smelly, and oily scalp. So, it's essential to find out how often it is suitable to shampoo your hair.

What Factors Are Necessary To Identify How Often You Should Wash Your Hair?

Hair Type and Texture

Every hair type has a different hair complexion, hence it is vital to consider the texture of your hair when determining how often you should shampoo your hair. If your hair has an oily complexion, then it is necessary for you to shampoo your hair frequently.

drying hair

But if your hair is dry, you might benefit from less frequent washing. If you understand the texture of your hair, you will be able to find an appropriate frequency to shampoo your hair. 

Subsequently, it is important to preserve natural oils and maintain moisture when shampooing your hair.

Condition of Your Scalp

The condition of your scalp also plays a major role in determining your ideal frequency of shampooing your hair. If you have dandruff, then it is important for you to find a suitable shampoo to lessen your scalp condition and wash frequently. Similarly, an oily scalp might also require frequent washing. 


Conversely, if you have a dry scalp then washing it too often will not help in the perseverance of your natural oil. Hence, you will need to find the right balance according to the condition of your scalp.


If your lifestyle revolves around sweat-generating activities such as sports or running, you will need to frequently wash your hair. Again, if your hair is constantly exposed to a polluted environment, then it requires frequent washing to remove all dirt and sweat. 

In this case, try your best to protect your hair with minimal exposure to dirt and a polluted environment. Prevention is always better than cure!

Different Hair Types Have Different Demands

All hair is unique and cannot be treated generally. This means that how often you should shampoo your hair has customizable answers. Here are some of the common hair types and how you should shampoo them.

Oily Hair

If you have oily hair, you may need to shampoo more frequently. Based on how often your hair collects oil, you will have to change your shampooing routine. Ranging from once a day to thrice a week. As you will have to frequently wash your hair, you will need to choose shampoo with minimal damage to your hair.

It is not good to expose your hair to shampoo with toxic chemical foundations. Hence, it is important to do your research well. You can also look for shampoos specially designed for oily hair.

Dry and Damaged Hair

If you have dry or damaged hair, you will need to shampoo your hair less frequently. Depending on your lifestyle and exposure to the sun, you’ll have to change your routine. Once or twice a week is ideal for people with dry hair.

Keep your hair hydrated and moisturized by using essential oils. Almond oil and coconut oil are the most used essentials for such dry and damaged hair. You can also look for moisturizing and nourishing leave-in conditioners to help restore your hair’s health.

Normal Hair

If you have normal hair, then you have the ultimate luxury of using regular shampoo and washing your hair every three to four days. You can alternate how often you shampoo your hair, based on your preference and how your hair feels. 


Finding the right balance on how often you should shampoo your hair is essential to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. Firstly, a healthy balance can be found by simply understanding the complexity and texture of your hair. 

Again, based on your personal preference and how your hair reacts to different environments, you can choose your shampooing routine. You can furthermore change your hair washing routine depending upon the season or lifestyle that you practice. Also, your hair type ranging from dry to oily, can also be a good determinant for your hair washing routine. 

Hence, try to strike a balance that maintains cleanliness while also preserving the natural oils of your health. So, go ahead and explore your hair complexion and find your personal routine on how often you should shampoo your hair. Remember not to over-wash or under-wash your hair and maintain a hygienic lifestyle.