How To Create And Maintain Bantu Knots With Leave-in Conditioner

Looking for ways to style your hair? One of the most popular ways to style your hair can be to keep your hair up in Bantu Knots. They can be an easy and elegant way to style your hair, if you do it right. But for first timers, it might feel a bit confusing to try it.  

If you have curly hair, this hairstyle can be an easy and low-maintenance way to style your hair, and the best part is that once you untie it, this will give you beautiful curls! 

Want to learn how to create and maintain bantu knots with the help of a leave-in conditioner? We will guide you through ways to look great with bantu knots using a leave-in conditioner.

Everything You Need To Know About Bantu Knots

What Are Bantu Knots?

Bantu knots are a popular hairstyle that involves sectioning the hair into small sections, tightly twisting each segment, and then wrapping the twisted part around itself to form a small knot or coil.


This hairstyle originated centuries ago in Southern and West Africa with the Zulu tribe. It is a protective hairstyle creating a curly look. Bantu actually signifies people using Bantu languages, which comprises over 400 indigenous ethnic groups in Africa. 

Check out this blog on history of bantu knots to learn more!

How To Style Bantu Knots In Different Ways 

Bantu knots are an expressive hairstyle that you can accessorize according to your tastes. You can create the look according to your liking and make the knots as big and as small as you prefer. 

Mini Bantu Knots

It is the most common way to style a Bantu Knot. It involves creating mini, yet tight knots all over the head.  

Mini bantu knots on a black woman

Jumbo Bantu Knots 

This style is similar to mini bantu knots, but the only difference is to create larger knots. If you have short hair and want more definition and defined texture, this is the best look for you.

Zig-Zag Bantu Knots

This style involves making knots in a zig-zag pattern, which gives the hairstyle a special visual interest.

Bantu Knot-Out

You can create a bantu knot-out by creating knots and leaving them overnight. Then, in the morning, unravel it and style it with hair products to make a curly hairstyle. 

Bantu Knots With Braids

If you want to play along with this hairstyle a bit more, braid your hair before creating the Bantu knots. 

Bantu knots with braids

How Long Do Bantu Knots Last?

Bantu Knots can usually last for up to two weeks. If you feel uncomfortable while sleeping, you 

can avoid twisting your hair too tightly or applying some oil to your scalp. To enjoy a knot-out hairstyle you can simply release each knot carefully which will create a curly look. 

How To Maintain Bantu Knots?

The question of how to keep Bantu knots intact for a long time may now be on your mind. You should avoid tugging or pulling the knots.

It is important to protect your hair while sleeping, try sleeping in with a satin or silk scarf or pillowcase to prevent frizz.

When releasing the Bantu knots, try gently untangling them with your fingertips. Doing this will make your hair more manageable and less frizzy.

Benefits Of Bantu Knots 

As Bantu knots are a protective hairstyle, they have many hair benefits. Bantu Knots allow you to achieve tight curls or waves without using heat.

By securing moisture in your hair and preventing environmental damage to the ends, your hair will be healthier and shinier.

Moreover, it reduces hair breakage and helps with hair growth. 

How To Create Bantu Knots Using A Leave-in Conditioner? 

Bantu Knots can be a fun way to learn to do your hairstyle for any look. If you carefully follow the instructions, a stylish yet simple technique will not need the assistance of a hairstylist. This way, you can save a lot of time and money as well. 

We have created a step-by-step procedure to create the Bantu knot, to help you make it easy.  

  • Detangle Your Hair
  • As Bantu Knots require sections all over the head, it is best to detangle your hair. 

    A good tip for Bantu Knots is to use leave-in conditioner on your damp hair before sectioning and twisting it. You can use Thick Leave-in hair conditioner to detangle and comb out your hair.  Bantu knots can easily be created with dry as well as wet hair. But damp hair is easy and more manageable to work with.

  • Part Your Hair Into Sections
  • Divide your hair into sections using a rattail comb. The section will depend on how thick your hair is and also how big you want your knots to be. Start from the front and try to make equal sections.

    To create tiny knots, you will need to create more sections. However, if you want big knots you can opt for fewer sections.

    Remember that with more knots, the curls will be more defined. While with big knots, the curls will be looser when unraveled. If you are feeling more confident, you can try different ways to section your hair as well, add triangle-shaped segments or other patterns for a more fun look.

  • Twist The Hair To Create Tight Coils
  • The fun part of this process is twisting the hair to create the Bantu knots. Simply take one section of the hair and keep on twisting until the hair coils on top of itself. 

    Tip: Try the leave-in conditioner to make the hair look less frizzy and shinier. It leaves the hair feeling soft and will create more defined bantu knot-out curls. 

  • Set Your Hair With A Rubber Band Or Bobby-pins
  • Once you have twisted your hair, secure it with a rubber band or bobby pins. This will keep your knots intact and will make the overall appearance cleaner and more elegant.

  • Repeat The Process
  • Now, patiently repeat the process for other sections of your hair, keeping each section the same size until you have finished the Bantu knot look. You can flaunt the look as it is or leave it overnight then let it lose the next day to create a bantu-knot out style. The bantu knot-out will create well-defined curls. 

    Bantu knot out curls on a black woman
  • Add Your Unique Style 
  • Finish the look with your style, and add some fun colors or cuffs to your twists. You can make your own unique style with the help of your creativity, then you’re good to go!

    Tips For Bantu Knots Using Leave In Conditioner

    After washing your hair, apply the appropriate amount of leave-in conditioner based on the volume of your hair. Leave-in conditioners are ideal for this hairstyle because it eliminates the need to wash your hair after application. It also leaves your hair feeling soft and moisturized. Once you set up your bantu knots, you don’t require applying regular hair products. That is why using a leave-in conditioner before creating your hairstyle will keep it moisturized and healthy. 

    It will also help you to achieve better curls for the knot-out look. 

    If you want to learn more about hair care tips for all types of hair, straight, wavy or curly, follow Thick Leave-in’s blogs!